Dual Temp: Your Commercial Pipefitting Company in Allentown, PA

Professional pipefitting services are vital to the safety and operational efficiency of your commercial or industrial facility. Without adequate piping to feed your mechanical equipment, you run the risk of equipment damage or failure.


Dual Temp is here to help your company with our commercial pipefitting services based out of Allentown, PA. With our years of experience and knowledge regarding the trade, your business can be assured we will provide you with high-quality professional pipefitting services to address any of your organization’s needs.


We are not just a leader in commercial pipefitting in Allentown, PA. We also supply a variety of other services, including industrial gas heating unit installation and piping of any natural gas fueled equipment. For more information about our services, please contact Dual Temp today.


Mechanical Pipefitting and Maintenance

The mechanics working at Dual Temp have years of experience providing mechanical pipefitting and maintenance services to both industrial and commercial properties. Our team of pipefitters are highly skilled and trained to deal with a wide variety of piping layouts and schematics. If you need piping for natural gas or compressed air, our mechanics will safely and effectively install new piping systems for you. We can also install, maintain, and repair refrigerant split systems and variable refrigerant flow installations. With Dual Temp as your source for commercial pipefitting in Allentown, PA, your business will be able to concentrate on your company goals and not worry about your operational systems’ integrity.

Industrial Pipefitting Based in Allentown, PA

Dual Temp doesn’t just handle commercial pipefitting services; we also perform industrial pipefitting as well. Our pipefitters are able to handle services such as running hydronic hot water and chilled water pipes to mechanical equipment and medical gas piping installations. We are NFPA certified, which means you can have confidence in your critical system infrastructure. We can offer welders with SMAW 6G welding certifications and consistently train on the newest techniques, fittings, and pipe types within the pipefitting trade.

Dual Temp’s Pipefitting Design Services

Suppose you are in the process of building a new facility to house your industrial process. In that case, our estimating team can assist you in the selection of equipment and designing an effective piping system to meet your operational needs.


Dual Temp can significantly reduce the timeline for building completion by working directly with you and the engineers to facilitate a working mechanical system no matter the pipe application’s size or complexity. We can provide you with cost and material comparisons and offer 3-D modeling services to assist in planning your facility’s piping layout. Our team will thoroughly explain what your project entails as far as budget price, design phases, material lead times and time-for-completion estimates.

A Local Pipefitting Contractor Your Business Can Trust

With our extensive experience in commercial pipefitting in Allentown, PA, Dual Temp can offer your business a professional and local pipefitting service you can trust. Our technicians will thoroughly explain all that is needed to complete a project, whether it is an installation, expansion, maintenance, or repair of an existing system. Your company can concentrate on your business goals while we handle your commercial or industrial piping infrastructure.


For an experienced solution to your commercial or industrial piping maintenance and repair needs, contact Dual Temp, a commercial pipefitter based in Allentown, PA. A member of our team will be happy to help you set up a time where we can come out and see what work you need completed. Dual Temp offers other services as well, including boiler and chiller equipment repairs. For more about our Dual Temp and what we can do for your company, contact us today.

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For more information about pipefitting or any of our other offerings, including industrial pipefitting in Allentown, PA , reach out to the team at Dual Temp today!