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1) What is your labor rate?

Contract customers receive a discount of approximately 21% from our non contract customers. (In addition to other benefits)


2) How quick can you get here (Repair)?

We triage calls based on urgency; we strive to offer same day service.

Contracted customers get preferential scheduling. This becomes beneficial during high demand periods.


3) Do you have Scheduled Maintenance?

We schedule our maintenances based on type of service and season. Two to Four weeks is typical to onboard, determine needed materials, and receive parts. We get you scheduled in anticipation of materials arriving so there is no delay.


4) Do you do plumbing?

Yes, please call for availability.


5) What do I do if I need a quote? click on either "Request a Quote" or "Request a Service Call"

Or call 610.791.9100 and ask for "Service"


6) What is your service area?

We service an hour and a half radius of our headquarters.

(Insert map picture)


7) Do you have a duct Fabrication Shop?

Yes, we can custom fabricate your ductwork needs.


8) Do you do Residential?



9) Do you service boilers?

Absolutely. 99% of boilers we can service.


10) Do you service refrigeration?

We service the majority of refrigeration equipment.


11) Do you do major repairs and replacements?

All the time.


12) What Brands do you work on?

All brands. From simple to complex equipment.


13) Do you have factory trained technicians?

We have factory trained technicians for many major manufacturers.


14) Do you do electrical work?

Yes we can perform downstream from the panel.


15) Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, Mastercard, Visa, and Discover.


16) How soon can you get me a quote?

Depending on the complexity of the need and urgency, it can range from 4 hours to 3 weeks.


17) When can you have my equipment repaired?

Predicated upon lead time for parts and equipment. We have dedicated parts expeditors that are experts at finding hard to locate parts.


18) Will I have a dedicated technician?

Yes, we assign a Primary and Secondary Technician for contract customers.


19) Do you have 24 hours service?

Yes, our contract services receive access to top-notch 24-hour service.


20)How many service techs do you have?

21)Do you do Building Automation?

Yes, please call with your system needs.

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