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Commercial Boiler Services Throughout Allentown, PA 

No matter your industry, your commercial buildings use water for various purposes. Every building is different and uses specialized water heating systems to handle the company’s hot water needs. When your building uses a commercial boiler to heat the water throughout your facility, you want to ensure that you get fast boiler repair when there are any issues. Dual Temp HVAC provides the top commercial boiler services in Allentown, PA, and beyond.


Our commercial boiler contractors have helped countless business owners install and run their new boilers quickly and efficiently. We specialize in determining what’s wrong with your existing unit and coming up with a plan to fix your system before it worsens. Our service area includes the Greater Allentown area and the following communities in PA and NJ:

  • Clifton

  • Wilkes-Barre

  • Norristown

  • Conshohocken

  • Quakertown

  • Lansdale

  • Piscataway

  • Reading


Commercial Boiler Repair Services for Buildings in Allentown, PA

When anywhere in your building isn’t receiving the hot water that it needs, you need a service company that can deliver fast boiler repair when you need it. Our commercial boiler repair, boiler efficiency tune-up, and routine maintenance services help keep your unit working properly until it reaches the end of its life cycle — not before. Dual Temp, among the best commercial boiler contractors in the area, can identify where in your system there are issues and address them before they worsen creating spiraling repair costs. 

Finding the right commercial boiler services in Allentown, PA, can make or break your business’s daily operations. Reliable boiler repair helps ensure you’re the job is done properly the first time. We work with you to make the repairs that your system needs and get you back to normal operations.

We’ll Handle Your Large Commercial Boiler Installation

Our commercial boiler services in Allentown, PA, go beyond routine repairs and maintenance. When you need a new system, you want to ensure it gets installed by the best in the business, and for Allentown, that means Dual Temp HVAC.


Our team can help with your new large commercial boiler installation and quickly get your building’s domestic hot water and heating water supply back to its optimal operating temperature. We ensure that your new boiler installation can handle the unique needs of your building and deliver hot water to every piece of equipment as your facility needs it.


Expert Commercial Boiler Replacement

Sometimes, large commercial boiler maintenance is not a good use of funds towards your existing boiler. Your boiler could be too old, or simply costs too much to fix. Getting a full replacement will help solve your problem. Our commercial boiler replacement services help you get rid of faulty inefficient boilers and replace them with a new high efficiency unit ready to meet your needs.


Our professional boiler services help you identify if your system merely needs routine maintenance or more extensive solutions. Dual Temp a leading commercial boiler contractor knows what to look for and how to help you address these problems moving forward. We help our customers find the replacement boilers their building needs to function at its optimal efficiency.

Let Us Deal With Your Leaking Boiler

One of the most common problems with your boiler consists primarily of seals leaking in your boiler or pipe connections. Leaking boilers can cause a long list of issues that require professional boiler services technicians to identify all of the leaks and fix the route cause. Our commercial boiler services in Allentown, PA, has helped countless businesses identify the source of the leaks in their boiler systems and fix the problems before they can cause more serious problems for your building.


When you have boiler issues within your commercial buildings, you don’t want the problems to linger. Your boiler plays a vital role in the daily operations of your facility and helps your employees get their work done to the best of their abilities. Dual Temp HVAC provides our customers with top-of-the-line commercial boiler services in Allentown, PA, but it’s not the only thing that we offer. We’ve also helped businesses with the following:



When you need a professional boiler service technician to look at your system, Dual Temp HVAC is here to help however you need it. Our team specializes in identifying the underlying causes of any issue with your boiler and addressing them quickly and efficiently. Whether you need commercial boiler tune-ups or more extensive replacements, we’re ready to help however you need it.


Contact our team to request a quote for your large boiler maintenance needs or schedule your next appointment today!

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