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The Top Commercial Heating Services in Allentown, PA

Commercial buildings possess complex heating systems to keep their facilities warm during the cold winter months. Keeping your team members and visitors comfortable requires a system working at optimal efficiency to ensure every inch of your facility is covered. Finding a commercial heating service in Allentown, PA, that can help with your heating unit repairs and installation needs is critical — and that’s where Dual Temp HVAC can help.

Our team specializes in commercial heater replacement, tune-ups, and installations your facility needs to maintain a consistent climate throughout the year. Our experienced technicians come to your facility, help diagnose your existing system, and figure out the best course of action moving forward.



When your facility faces issues with any of your heating systems, you want an affordable heater repair service that can handle whatever problem arises. Industrial gas heaters and office building heat units can benefit from the affordable heater repair services we provide for our commercial customers.


Whether you have an existing RTU gas heater or a brand new heating unit, finding commercial heating services in Allentown, PA, that quickly responds to your rooftop heater needs is crucial. Our technicians respond to your service call and perform the necessary commercial heating repairs to get your unit back up and running.


Sometimes your facility isn’t experiencing the heating performance you’re looking for because it’s an outdated unit. Your facility requires a new heating unit that can efficiently and effectively distribute heat throughout your facility. The Dual Temp HVAC team can help you design a system that better meets your facility’s needs, and once your layout is decided, we can easily perform your new heater unit’s installation.


Our team has performed countless commercial heater installations throughout the Lehigh Valley area. We focus on installing rooftop heaters and heat ventilators that evenly distribute heat throughout your facility.


Our specially designed systems are built to your facility’s exact specifications, which helps ensure no part of your facility goes untouched. We can take your old system out, install your replacement heating unit, and provide a more comfortable environment for your team.



Whether you have industrial gas heaters or an RTU heater, keeping your heating system operating at its peak efficiency can prove challenging. Your heating units are some of the most used systems in your entire facility, so the constant wear and tear can lead to more frequent issues. However, you can catch problems before they worsen with the right maintenance service.


The best commercial heating services in Allentown, PA, prioritize commercial heater maintenance to help keep your office building heat units up and running for longer. Our team works with our customers to identify the parts of your system that can benefit the most from regular maintenance.


When routine heater unit repairs and maintenance aren’t enough to save your facility’s heating unit, it’s time to upgrade to a new system. We can find the commercial heater replacement solution that works best for your system’s ongoing needs, perform the necessary preparations, and install your unit quickly.


Our commercial heating services in Allentown, PA, have helped our customers find the rooftop office building heating units that fit their needs. We understand that every commercial building has unique requirements, and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for our customers. We work with our customers to get the replacement heating units their facility needs exactly when they need them.



Your rooftop heater performs a vital function for your entire facility — you want to ensure every part of your system is functioning properly. We perform commercial heater inspections that your system needs to ensure it’s operating within acceptable standards. Our extensive checklist covers every aspect of your system and ensures your unit receives the industrial heating repair services to stay fully operational.


Industrial heater unit repairs can help facilities throughout the region improve their overall performance, but can the Dual Temp HVAC team help yours? If you fall within our service area, it’s a resounding yes. In addition to providing commercial heating services throughout Allentown, PA, we also help clients in the following areas in PA and NJ:


  • Conshohocken

  • Norristown

  • Lansdale

  • Quakertown

  • Reading

  • Clifton

  • Piscataway


Whether your facility needs commercial heater tune-ups, industrial heater repair, or a more extensive upgrade and installation, you want an experienced team you can trust to handle the job. Dual Temp HVAC provides comprehensive commercial heating services throughout Allentown, PA, and beyond to help keep your commercial properties as comfortable as possible.


We specialize in commercial heating, building automation controls, and commercial AC services to help our customers keep their teams and any visitors as comfortable as possible. Contact our team to request a quote and schedule your first industrial heating services appointment today!

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