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Your Leading Source for Commercial Plumbing Services in Allentown, PA, and Beyond

It has become increasingly difficult to find a skilled plumber that can handle the intricacies of commercial plumbing systems. Although residential and commercial plumbing shares several similarities, the size and complexity of commercial plumbing can often be too much for a traditional residential plumber. That is why you have Dual Temp, a highly qualified and experienced team who regularly deals with large-scale commercial plumbing installations and repair projects.

We realize that your business depends on effective and efficient repairs being done on time. Dual Temp professionals are leading the industry in providing high-quality, affordable commercial plumbing services to businesses across multiple sectors. Dual Temp is the largest merit shop commercial and industrial plumbing contractor offering the best commercial plumbing services in Allentown, PA, and beyond to help ensure your business can best serve your customers. Our industrial plumbing service area includes the following cities in PA and NJ:

  • Clifton

  • Wilkes-Barre

  • Norristown

  • Conshohocken

  • Quakertown

  • Lansdale

  • Piscataway

  • Reading

Commercial plumber measuring plumbing system guage.
Commercial plumbing system in a facility.


Dual Temp is a leading provider of installation, maintenance, and repair of commercial plumbing systems in New Jersey and the surrounding areas. Our licensed plumbers and pipefitters are highly skilled and can perform plumbing repairs and maintenance for office buildings throughout the Lehigh Valley. Additionally, our master plumbers can deal with more advanced systems found in manufacturing facilities. There is no job too big or small for the Dual Temp team. If you are looking for a professional commercial plumbing service in Allentown, PA, that can promptly perform maintenance and repairs so your business can stay operational, contact Dual Temp today.

Your facility needs a team that can provide an array of industrial plumbing services to help keep your entire facility functioning at full capacity. Our licensed and certified plumbers can make a variety of commercial plumbing repairs in your facility, including:
●    Faucets
●    Toilets
●    Sinks
●    Urinals
●    Water Heater Replacements
●    Boiler Repairs
●    Pump Repairs
●    Flush Valves
●    Piping Replacements
●    And More! 


As the demand for commercial plumbing services has increased, Dual Temp has expanded our capabilities to cover any number of issues that your business may need to address. We are a commercial plumbing service contractor based in Allentown, PA. We can provide comprehensive commercial plumbing services — including maintenance, repairs, and replacement parts — to your company offices or manufacturing facility. 

From fit to finish, Dual Temp is here to provide your organization with the most comprehensive commercial plumbing services in the Greater Allentown, PA, area. Our licensed and certified master plumbers can help ensure your plumbing system meets your facility’s needs and keeps your employees happy and productive without worrying about plumbing issues. 


Every commercial building presents its own challenges and intricacies that affect how your plumbing system operates. If your existing system is no longer serving your needs for any number of reasons, a new system might be the solution. Our experienced commercial plumbing service in Allentown, PA, has helped countless businesses in the area completely replace some or all of their commercial plumbing systems.

Our certified master plumbers and industrial plumbing mechanics help design and install a system optimized for your space and its specific needs. We work with our customers to ensure that the new commercial plumbing installation goes smoothly, has minimal business interruptions, and your system gets back up and running in no time.


A full-service commercial plumbing company in Allentown, PA, can help with more than just installing new systems or repairing old ones — they can help find replacement parts. Our licensed master plumbers understand the importance of incorporating commercial piping replacement parts into your system to help extend the life of the weak link in your plumbing or piping system.



The modern office building is the cornerstone for many businesses in today’s corporate world. Without a properly functioning office, many companies would struggle to maintain their daily business operations and achieve their goals. The commercial and industrial plumbing installers at Dual Temp understand how crucial it is for a business to have an office facility that operates efficiently. We realize that without a well-maintained plumbing system in your office building, your company’s operations would grind to a halt. Our commercial plumbing maintenance services for office buildings can help.

Knowing who to turn to is critical when you need a commercial plumbing service in Allentown, PA, who understands the importance of a set commercial plumbing maintenance routine for your building. That is why Dual Temp is leading our industry in providing professional commercial plumbing maintenance services for office buildings. Our commercial plumbing contractors offer a full range of plumbing services, including installation, maintenance, and repairs to existing commercial plumbing systems.


Your building’s plumbing system can accumulate debris and materials that can clog your drainage pipes and cause backups. Our commercial drain cleaning services can help identify where there’s a clog in your system and address the problem at its source.


We can also identify the issues with your commercial faucets and toilets, then make the necessary repairs or drain cleanings, so you don’t have to worry about these problems reoccurring. Our commercial plumbing contractors know the warning signs to look out for and how to quickly and efficiently remedy the issues.


Turn to Allentown, PA’s Most Trusted Commercial Plumber

As a commercial plumbing services company located in Allentown, PA, Dual Temp offers plumbing-related solutions to address most any issue your business is encountering. Our team of plumbing contractors specializes in the installation, maintenance, and repair of commercial plumbing systems of all types and complexities. Whether your company uses an office building or large-scale industrial manufacturing facility, Dual Temp has the tools, knowledge, and expertise to maintain, repair, or upgrade your existing plumbing system or install a new one altogether.


With Dual Temp as your commercial and industrial plumbing services contractor, we will ensure your business can concentrate on your operations rather than worrying about your commercial plumbing system. Dual Temp helps our customers in various ways in addition to our commercial plumbing repair services. We also provide commercial heating, AC, construction, and building automation control services for your buildings.


If your business requires a licensed commercial plumber or commercial plumbing repairs, contact Dual Temp today for a service quote!

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