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Commercial AC Unit Repair in Hunterdon County, NJ, and Western NJ Counties

Your commercial building runs on a series of complex HVAC systems working together to provide a comfortable environment for everyone. For your commercial AC units, keeping them in good condition requires a regular maintenance routine and a team that knows how to work on the ever-increasing complexity of your HVAC systems.


The commercial AC unit repair pros of Hunterdon County NJ at Dual Temp can help! Our trained technicians have the experience and expertise to handle any emergency repair or speedy equipment replacement your buildings may need throughout Hunterdon County, NJ, and beyond!


In addition to delivering pharma-compliant heating, cooling, and ventilation maintenance in NJ , we can also design your commercial AC systems upgrade or system expansion.



Your whole HVAC unit is designed, sized, and properly applied for your specific needs. Alongside our Hunterdon County, NJ commercial AC unit repair pros, our team of designers can help ensure your system is optimized for your entire space.


Our design team learns the ins and outs of your building and begins to understand the most effective ways tao install an AC system to serve your property, your people, and your process best. By having our teams work together, we can turn your building into the kind of environment that performs and makes everyone happy.

Commercial AC Repair for Hunterdon County, NJ

Our teams stretch far and wide throughout New Jersey, from Hunterdon County out as wide as Somerville, NJ. For your commercial building throughout New Jersey, our team can help with the designing, installation, and maintenance of your AC systems.


Ensuring that every aspect of your building has the proper climate controls throughout the year is part of what makes Dual Temp one of the best choices for commercial AC unit design, repair, and installation in Hunterdon County, NJ.

Commercial AC Installations

After the design portion of getting your commercial building outfitted with a new AC system, we then agree on a scope of work, price the job, and next comes the installation. Installing your new system requires a trained and experienced team that has dealt with buildings of all shapes and sizes, and most importantly, has experience in your type of building or facility.


Your team and visitors deserve to come into your building and be in a comfortable environment all year round. With a properly designed and installed AC system in place, you can rest assured knowing that your facility takes care of your employees and customers! When the system breaks down or requires maintenance, the commercial AC unit repair professionals from Hunterdon County, NJ are only a phone call away!

School Building AC Repair Across Hunterdon County, NJ

We specialize in air conditioning repair services for public, private, and religious educational institutions, including schools, colleges, and universities. Our team understands the relationship between learning and building comfort — it’s crucial for faculty members, students, and property visitors alike to experience superior indoor comfort at all times. When the ability of a facility’s equipment cannot keep up with the demand, the results can be detrimental to the educational environment. With a properly designed, installed, and maintained AC system, you can keep your faculty and student body in cool comfort all year round!

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For more information about commercial AC repair or any of our other offerings, including industrial pipefitting in Allentown, PA[1] , reach out to the team at Dual Temp today!

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