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What Should I Know Before Replacing My Company’s HVAC System?

Updated: Apr 26

Commercial HVAC system on the roof of a business.

Replacing an HVAC system is a big investment to make. Before choosing any random HVAC contractor, you want to have a small guide or checklist before tossing anyone at your HVAC system. Dual Temp HVAC is one of the finest commercial AC contractors serving Eastern PA and parts of NJ, and we can help you identify the important things to note before replacing the HVAC equipment for your company.


Budgetary decisions are at the root of all business decisions, which rings especially true when replacing high-cost items in your business. Various options are available and various ways to customize your air conditioning or heating system. Consideration of these options starts by setting the budget you want to work with. First, start with determining the price point you want to target. Do you want the cheapest way to condition your space or do you want to spend more money and get a higher-quality install?

Pain Points

Many commercial organizations face some of the same pain points regarding their heating or cooling systems. Most building owners are concerned about ensuring they get a unit that provides comfort, energy efficiency, operates quietly, and at a relatively affordable upfront cost, and installed with zero disruption. Some of these conflict with one another, so working with contractors to determine the proper system is key. For most companies, HVAC units are “set it and forget it'' (just don’t forget about maintenance), so broadcasting these pain points beforehand is key to stability.


What good is an air conditioning system if you aren’t comfortable when it’s running? Comfort starts with getting the right sized unit to process the right amount of air throughout the building and ensuring air ducts and filters are functioning properly and of high quality.

Energy Efficiency

A high-efficiency air conditioner or heater can provide amazing indoor air quality and bang for your buck. An efficient unit can save money each day for warehouses or locations operating with extreme outdoor air requirements.

Upfront Cost

HVAC units are a cost every business should plan for, but that doesn’t mean it needs to cost a fortune. Not every facility needs the latest and greatest HVAC unit. Discuss these topics with your contractor before proceeding with the replacement.


Most businesses are running daily, so they’ll likely need an HVAC unit functioning to keep temperatures stable and employees happy. The best contractors can plan to minimize your down time, ensuring you don’t suffer from reduced productivity for too long. Additionally, getting a quality contractor ensures that the replacement process goes smoothly, lowering the time it takes for the installation and avoiding any unexpected additional costs.

Contractor Reputation

Finding a contractor isn’t hard, but finding a quality one can sometimes be an issue. How can you tell if contractors have a high reputation for success? Check out their customer testimonials and reviews, and review their website for information on what to expect. Listen to how they address your concerns on the phone or ask any of these questions:

  • How does the recommended system handle multiple areas around the business?

  • Why is a replacement the preferred option over repairing what’s there?

  • Is my current ductwork up to par? Can it be reused?

  • Are there any discounts, energy rebates, or promotions I should know about?

  • How efficient is this system? What is the efficiency rating of my system?

Compare Solutions, Not Just Price

Many customers focus too much on price without considering the total impact to your organization. Many options are available for HVAC units, including a split air conditioner, a packaged system, a variable-speed unit, heat pumps, and many more. Budgetary concerns matter, and you should have that outlined, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore your needs for a solution that isn’t nearly as effective. There is a danger in paying too little when you prioritize price over everything else. The goal should be to create a comfortable work environment, and the money you save choosing a lesser system can easily be lost through lack of productivity, down time, call backs, or general frustration.

Dual Temp HVAC Can Help Get Your Business Back Up and Running in No Time

Do you think it’s time to repair or replace the HVAC system powering your building? When you notice a few hints that things might be going wrong, Dual Temp HVAC is here to help. With some of the region’s highest-quality commercial cooling and industrial heating services, our contractors can get your facility up and running in no time. Fight the blistering cold or the draining heat by contacting the heating and cooling experts at Dual Temp HVAC today!



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