What Are the Different Types of Commercial HVAC Systems, and Which One Is Right For My Facility?

Updated: 6 hours ago

Finding the right type of commercial HVAC system is essential for commercial property owners, and researching the various options available can help you find the best option. Partnering with professionals specializing in the design and installation of HVAC systems is always a wise decision to ensure you are more than satisfied with your investment.

Here are a few of the most popular types of commercial HVAC systems available for your facility:

Rooftop Systems

Many business owners choose rooftop unit HVAC systems due to their cost-effectiveness. These systems range from affordable for a bare bones system and raise in costs as options and capabilities grow. These are also called “package units” because all the components are in one box or “package”. This eliminates most field piping and saves on labor. More complex options like fine particulate filtration, efficient heating options, humidification, building pressurization control, and exact amounts of outdoor air can be added depending on your goals. Each RTU is also self-contained, which allows it to keep operating even if another unit goes down. Some RTU’s offer redundancy within the package itself to allow continued operation on part of its full capacity. Ultimately, a Roof Top System is ideal for many applications as long as it has a structural roof that can hold their weight and height under the roof to run the ductwork to each space.

Single Split Systems

Single split HVAC systems are used due to their cost-effectiveness. These systems are much more affordable compared to implementing an entire Roof Top System. Because the airside indoor unit can be placed closer to the space needing cooling or heating, less duct needs to be routed through the space. Small refrigerant lines are field installed between the outdoor unit and the indoor unit. The outdoor unit typically sits on the ground just outside the building, but sometimes is on the roof or attached to an outside wall on a bracket. These systems work well for spaces where duct distribution systems would take up too much space and spaces that require only small amounts of outdoor air. Ultimately, a single split system is ideal for small offices, server rooms, or conditioning older stone structures.

VRF HVAC Systems

Using a VRF HVAC system is an excellent choice for medium to large buildings, such as sizable office spaces, retirement communities, or hotels. A commercial HVAC installation company can help you determine the best choice for you. Where a single split system has one outdoor unit and one indoor unit, VRF systems have many indoor units connected to a single large outdoor unit. These systems are very reliable and efficient due to the high level of technology within. Worldwide these systems are the most popular due to their energy efficiency advantages in areas of the world where energy is significantly more expensive than Pennsylvania or New Jersey. A VRF HVAC system can also be installed with no ductwork saving on duct and diffusers costs. These are ideal candidates for new construction and retrofit construction of old historical city buildings and stone churches.

Chilled Water Systems

Chilled Water systems are typically the most expensive type of system. These are known for their ability of holding an exact temperature. Chilled water is produced in a chiller typically located outside the building. A system of chilled water pipes distributes the water to many indoor air side units. These units can offer all levels of filtration, humidification, dehumidification any application could possibly need. A boiler located in a mechanical room typically provides heat and has its own hot water piping system. These systems are good choices for larger facilities, schools, hospitals, and critical industrial applications.

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