The Advantages of Partnering with a Commercial Design-Build HVAC Contractor

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Every commercial building is different with its own distinct set of building materials used during construction, unique layouts for its use, and varying needs from its HVAC systems. While you could use a standard “cookie-cutter” HVAC system to keep your building comfortable no matter the season, it may not be fully optimized for your space. With the help of a commercial design-build HVAC contractor, you can control and optimize your incoming HVAC system to work within the specific design constraints of your building and maximize the benefits from comfort to costs!

What Is a Design-Build HVAC System?

A design-build HVAC system combines the design team with the install team within the same organization, sizing your new system from the ground up and taking steps to ensure it's laid out specifically for your building and budget needs. Our team goes through your entire property and evaluates the size of the space, along with its exterior envelope to determine what kind of heating and cooling needs it has. From it is determined how to best optimize the ductwork and mechanical equipment to deliver the best results. Starting from the design stage, we build your system from scratch and create something that will complement your building perfectly.

The Benefits of a Design-Build HVAC System

When building an HVAC system from scratch, you have complete control over how it integrates with your property. The speed of the design planning stage is accelerated as compared to traditional design, plan, and spec installations. Also, you can create a duct system with optimal coverage over your entire facility, with no gaps, cold spots, or any other idiosyncrasies that could otherwise occur. Additionally, with a design-build HVAC system in Lehigh Valley, PA, any commercial AC repairs are easily made thanks to complete, up-to-date design drawings, and special attention to service access where the equipment needs it.

Commercial property owners have their minds set on timelines and budgets throughout their new HVAC system's design and installation process. By dealing with a newly-designed HVAC system built from the ground up, you know every step of the process taken by the team and where the budget currently stands, giving you a greater degree of control over the entire process.

Why Dual Temp Should Be Your Design-Build Contractor of Choice

You want a commercial design-build contractor with years of experience bringing these projects to life from the first design sketch to the final installation. With our team of design and HVAC professionals, you can rest assured knowing that your new system is in the best hands. Dual Temp has been doing this for more than 50 years. After installing your system in your Hunterdon County, NJ, facility, we can also help with any commercial heating repairs that may arise down the road. Contact us at any time to get the design or repair process started!