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Message from the CEO
So here we are, we have now placed our “recession experience” into the past. We did that by being true to our principles and beliefs. Our basic model understands that we can neither create nor significantly influence market conditions. We can only be alert to changes out there, and react decisively when the ground around us shifts. And shift it did!
We did not anticipate (nor could we have anticipated) the wholesale meltdowns in construction following the financial system problems of many months ago. Yet we re-acted in a timely manner by deliberately downsizing our construction capacity in a market that did not offer opportunity, but only absurd pricing; well below break-even levels. The taking of that decision was difficult. Clearly with the wisdom of hindsight, it was correct.
While this downsizing of construction capacity was occurring, our service operations never stopped expanding, albeit at a slower rate. From this point forward, both service and construction operations are once again on a growth path and it is a profitable path.
Please remember, we downsized construction capacity, we did not remove capability. Capacity floats with the size of the opportunities, and is to be restored as the future warrants. We have implemented various structural and skill set changes that will allow an even more responsive reaction capability to shifting opportunities. Ongoing investments in our future continue to accelerate. We can take this position now because we have no negative construction tail – jobs that we are obligated to complete but that are below basic cost levels. Our work is profitable work – delivered safely and on-time, every time.
Our position in the market place is strong. We are the safe choice. We are more solidly financed, more capable in skill sets, and more broadly based as a complete servicing mechanical, than any other competitor. We are more bondable, more flexible, more self-contained, than any other competitor.
Times like this bring out the best from the real serious team players, the true professionals. Certainly each of our employee partners qualifies for the label. They are professionals, they are available, and they want to be on your team…
This web site is their story. I hope you enjoy it.


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