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Energy Savings Opportunities
Dual Temp can help any building owner on any piece of equipment that burns a BTU of gas, uses a KW of electricity, or drinks a gallon of water.  The larger the equipment the better, and the older the better, however new HVAC equipment still presents plenty of opportunity for efficiency and comfort improvements.  There is good chance that many of these opportunities will pay for them self in 3 to 5 years using only the energy savings when compared to the old equipment.  Below is a short list of example items that would fall into this category, however the opportunities are limitless.
  Cooling Towers
  Outdoor Air Handling Units
  Built up Air Handlers
  Rooftop Packaged Units
  Hot Water Heaters
  Building Temperature Controls

How Much Energy are You Using

In order to determine how much potential savings are available, the first step is to determine your baseline energy use.  Dual Temp uses a combination of computer driven energy models, Energy Engineering calculations, and direct individual equipment metering to determine your current baseline energy use and then compares that to potential alternatives.
Your equipment will then be compared to alternatives.  These alternatives can be anywhere in the range of replacing the equipment with new efficient and properly sized equipment, to modifying the existing equipment.  It may consider gas heat to electric heat, compared to heat pump systems.  It may consider Direct Expansion cooling to Chilled Water systems.  It could consider the chiller plant comparisons of an Air Cooled Chiller compared to a Water Cooled Chiller with its Cooling Tower and associated Circulation Pumps.  We take into consideration the owner's needs, budget constraints, and equipment life cycles.

All our calculations and simulations are either performed or supervised by a Certified Energy Manager from the Association of Energy Engineers or a registered Professional Engineer.


A 100% Accurate Calculation
Some pieces of old equipment are in such poor condition standard engineering formulas and energy modeling can no longer accurately apply.  Maybe the coils are heavily corroded, tubes heavily fouled, or heat exchangers scaled.  Maybe it is a custom piece of equipment, has a 15 year old energy wheel inside, or a unique control sequence.  In these situations many of the assumptions used to derive the calculations used in energy engineering no longer accurately apply.  
In these situations Dual Temp recommends hooking up an energy meter directly to individual peices of equipment.  This meter then logs actual energy use over a duration of time from 48 hours to several weeks depending on the equipment and building use.  This is the same as hooking up the electrical meter on the building to a single piece of equipment or a single electrical panel.  Then the equipment and base-line-use are evaluated.
In the past simply logging the equipment use and energy consumption have revealed high dollar sequence improvements that pay back in months.  Please contact Dual Temp, the energy experts, for an energy consultation.


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