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Controls Department:
Building Automation Systems and Temperature Controls capability is extensive at Dual Temp. Our field personnel self install and commission most of the BAS systems for our HVAC projects. Even on those projects where our customer chooses their own preferred choice of building automation specialists, our Dual Temp personnel assure a smooth coordination and proper interconnection of the designed controls package. We believe hiring a mechanical contractor without our level of ATC experience is simply asking for trouble.

Our controls folks are truly world class experts. We have a success record of tackling and elegantly solving some of the most difficult equipment coordination issues imaginable.
Your controls system needs to be evaluated for more than just confirming one component is still communicating with the next component.  It needs to be evaluated to make sure it is functioning using the best controls schemes, algorithms, and settings that most efficiently suit your buildings needs.



Our Controls Strategies Include:
Time of Day scheduling review
Optimal Start/Stop review
Timed Overrides
Static Pressure Control
Static Pressure Optimization Control
Temperature Control
Humidity Control
Ventilation Control
Air-Side Economizer Control
Water-Side Economizer Control
Hot Water Reset
Pumps staging
Cooling Tower Fan Optimization
Chiller Staging, Full Load/Swing Chiller Optimizing
Temperature and Humidity Trend Lines
Alarm notification over email or pager
Access to your system over any common web browser

Please Click Here for a link to our Spring 2012 Case Study "The Best Kept Secret in the Controls Business"



Dual Temp is a factory installer for Tridium and ASI controls, and has extensive experience installing and servicing Trane, JCI, Siemens, Honeywell, and many other brands of controls.  Dual Temp can seamlessly integrate to any controls system via our Tridium product line, including lighting controls, card access, and life safety systems.  This allows a building owner to keep their existing controls installed and tie in any other manufacturer's controls into one communicating system.


Below showcases a Trane controls system originally installed within a customers building.  The customer called on Dual Temp to alleviate their comfort issues.  The solution included integrating into three existing Trane proprietary touch screen panels, and take control of 28 Trane Variable Air Volume (VAV) boxes and 3 Trane Roof Top Units (RTU's).  Dual Temp added three dimensional floor plans and made the system accessible from any web browser.



The project shown below showcases space pressurization in clean rooms  linked to a door access system.  The controls only allow access once the previous air-lock door is closed and latched.  These air-locks achieve continuous pressurization within a much higher tolerance than can be achieved using HVAC equipment alone.  






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