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Dual Temp
Dual Temp continues to respond to our customer's needs and expectations by providing a comprehensive Design/Build process from initial concept, through engineering & design, to complete fabrication and installation.

Consisting of licensed professional engineers and skilled trades people, our experienced Design/Build team can provide a seamless process from conceptualization through turn over and move in.
In-House Design & Engineering Staff

We use a completely integrated, state of the art, 3D CAD  (Computer Aided Design/Drafting) software and hardware system, giving us the capability to produce complete sets of drawings of a multitude of views of your project.  By utilizing this technology we are able to identify costly design and construction issues early in the project lifecycle.  This early identification results in dramatic cost savings compared to traditional design practices.
We Implement our 3-D Analysis on
HVAC/R Mechanical System Layout
Hydronic Piping System Layout
Plumbing System Layout
Hanger & Support Layout
Fully Equipped Modern fabrication Facility On-Site

Our on-site pipe fabrication shop and extensively trained and experienced staff works right on campus with our design team. Quality control and problem solving is thereby enhanced through every step of our process. While many of our competitors continue to measure, cut and assemble in the field, this state-of-the-art facility, one of only a few in Northeastern Pennsylvania, will streamline our construction process.  Shop fabrication drawings are provided from the 3D design model allowing for our shop to precisely produce and deliver product to the field for seamless installation.
Coupled with our new pre-build design/drawing process, this new facility Can:
Produce Duct and Mechanical system assemblies in an optimum environment.
Produce pipe and plumbing system assemblies in an optimum environment.
Minimize elapsed time on-the-job, leading to scheduling efficiencies.
Maximize quality control, assuring consistent and pre-tested terminal assemblies.
Eliminate costly material waste, due to field rework.
Meet accelerated construction schedules.
The end result is the highest quality piping and plumbing systems for our customers while saving valuable time and costs.

Highly experienced & knowledgeable Installation team


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