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Service and Repair

Some of Pennsylvania's most important companies count on Dual Temp to provide fast, reliable repairs in addition to comprehensive HVAC maintenance.

From small office buildings to large office parks, data centers to hospitals, we have ample experience with all types of mechanical systems.

Dual Temp will present available options, discuss the benefits and shortfalls if there are any, and let you make an educated decision that fits your budget and facility needs.

"Contract Pricing" is available on most repair work.  This means our prices are pre-quoted for pre-defined tasks and do not change.  


Please call us at (610) 791-9100 and ask for our Service Department.  


We are available 24 hours a day.

Building a Long Lasting Relationship

At Dual Temp our core values are built around delivering results.  We strive to separate ourselves from the competition by offering more than our competition while continually improving our execution.  

We leverage our mechanical construction arm to our advantage to separate us from Factory Service Providers.  We are equipped to reconfigure your mechanical systems in ways they are not.  We can pull from our large talented construction team when the job calls for it.  

Our Service Department is large enough to offer faster response time than small shops in the area.  Our smaller shop competitors are easily tied up at other locations.  They can respond quickly to your site by leaving another hanging mid job.  Eventually it may be your site left hanging just when you need them most.

We offer more cutting edge solutions under one roof than any of our competitors.  Experts in variable refrigerant flow, variable primary flow modifications, and controls systems integration.  Things like being able to control your HVAC system from an Android tablet or Android phone.  Our controls division supports multiple vendors, including making systems talk to each other in ways their own companies are still trying to achieve.  

Dual Temp offers plumbing services in your facility as well, everything from fixing leaky pipes and flush valves, unclogging drains, installing a new water heater, to building an entirely new building.

Do you need electrical work done?  We have master electricians that can tackle any small service job.  We are a true full service Mechanical Contractor.  

Our Service Department's pricing is continually held to some of the most competitive in the area, both on Service Contracts, and repair work.

We feel taking all these into consideration, Dual Temp is the high-quality, competitive-price-choice to take care of your facility.

Once we become familiar with you and your facility, we can bring to the table energy savings solutions, as well as, potential comfort improvements.  These are investments that pay for themselves in a matter of months or years.  

Please click this Service Case Study from Winter 2012, "Boiler Optimization: Measuring Results" and "Demand Limiting: Removing the Spikes" showcasing what we can do with the valued relationships we strive to build.















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