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Maintenance Agreements

Studies show that HVAC system performance has far reaching effects on your bottom line. According to government estimates, poorly maintained and designed facilities cost the economy billions of dollars annually in direct and indirect costs. Well maintained, high performance buildings with comfortable working environments result in less absenteeism, greater workforce productivity and more efficient use of energy.

In a typical commercial application, the HVAC system represents up to 20% of the initial construction costs. Once installed, HVAC can represent up to 50% of your energy budget.

When you consider that low refrigerant charges or dirty coils can increase cooling/heating energy consumption by up to 75%, increase repair costs and reduce equipment life cycle, properly maintaining your systems is among the best investments you can make.

At Dual Temp , we understand your needs are unique.  That’s why we customize our agreements to fit your needs with two primary programs from which to work, with options for HVAC, automation and other building systems:
Scheduled maintenance programs with specific frequencies and tasking to fit your particular application.
Comprehensive regularly scheduled maintenance like that offered under our Routine System Care program plus a pre-determined block of labor hours for corrective repairs and diagnostics to mechanical and control components.
A planned maintenance approach can help minimize operating costs, extend the life of equipment, minimize emergencies, and provide peace of mind. Predictable costs and maximum equipment life are familiar customer goals.
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