Dual Temp
Dual Temp

A Privately Owned - Full Service Mechanical Contractor
Dual Temp is a leader in mechanical engineering specializing in design, build and service of HVAC/R, Plumbing and Automated Building Control Systems in Eastern Pennsylvania. We are a privately owned, full service mechanical contractor, not a division of any utility company or consolidator, and have been since 1970.

Our top leaders are also the shareholders, and come to work here daily. You can expect our personal attention, treating your project or maintenance need as if it were our own. Our value system has persisted over the years, allowing us to survive and prosper through many of the very same outside challenges that have systematically removed many past competitors from the market.
We are a Merit Shop
We are a merit shop contractor, that is not to say that we are anti-union in philosophy. To the contrary, many (probably most) of our own sub contractors are proud of their union affiliations, and should be, to the extent that it works for them.

On most of our jobs, we team up with, cooperate fully with, and assist our many union based contractor friends in our own and inter related trades, in the best American traditions of respect and individual human dignity. However, in order to continue to deliver flexibility and agility in tackling new situations and markets, it does not make sense for us to align our business exclusively with the construction building trades unions, and so our employee partners continue to operate in true merit shop mode.

For a further discussion and more information on merit shop construction principles, you may wish to visit the Associated Builders & Contractors web site.
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