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Dual Temp
Replacement / Retrofit Projects
With a talented team of design professionals and a highly qualified construction staff, Dual Temp has the ability to oversee your project from start to finish, ensuring accurate communication and efficient execution.
Quick challenging projects in existing buildings. These projects range from large chiller plant replacements down to small equipment swap-outs. The dynamics and demands of these jobs requires the special attention Dual Temp specializes in.
Dual Temp’s Fast Track System Replacement™ minimizes the otherwise time-consuming transitions between pre-planning design, equipment procurement, construction, and start-up.  Dual Temp’s in-house team of professional engineers offer expert recommendations during the design phase to provide the most economical and advanced mechanical solutions quickly. 
 Incorporate a “Total Cost of Ownership” approach to best match a solution to the owner’s wants and needs. 
We discuss options for solving the facility’s needs, educating our customer on first cost, energy operating costs, maintenance costs, and ease of eventual replacement.  There are many ways to solve the same problem.  First cost of a project is generally less than 25% of the “True Cost to Own” of any system. 

We discus with the client cost versus comfort tradeoff.  Dual Temp discusses the options that are available so our customers can make the best decision for their facility.  Some types of systems have a low first cost but exceedingly high maintenance and energy costs. 
With all our solutions, Dual Temp remains committed to establishing long-term relationships with our customers by fostering a "no bad job" culture, willing to sacrifice profit for customer satisfaction.

Dual Temp’s construction and service employees act in a professional, courteous, and businesslike manner on the jobsite. If you want to be sure you’re using the best company of professionals, the one Pennsylvania trusts, turn to Dual Temp!
Experienced in:
Chilled & condenser water systems Design / Build solutions
Commercial air-conditioning and
heating systems
Sheet metal fabrication and installations
Cooling Towers Piping replacement projects
Crane and helicopter hoisting Controls system retrofits
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