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Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning / Refrigeration

Our company began in 1970 as an HVAC commercial contractor. First and foremost we are a premier supplier of total quality HVAC systems today.  Later Dual Temp opened our plumbing construction division and has been expanding rapidly in size over the years at some points surpassing our HVAC division.  Dual Temp also employs in-house master electricians to handle any electrical needs our projects may present. 

Complete system design services
Sheet metal fabrication and install
Hot water piping
Chilled water piping
Duct & pipe insulation, lining, and wrap
Seismic compliance restraints
Balancing and commissioning services
Indoor Air Quality monitoring and remediation
Demand Controlled Ventilation experts
Variable Air Volume experts
Water Source Heat Pump systems
Multi Boiler systems and piping design
Chiller systems and piping
Control strategies experts


We are one of the largest Plumbing construction companies in our region.

Our capabilities include:


Custom pipe fitting.
Competitive pricing.
Medical gas installation and service.
Gas piping and service.
Shop air piping and service.
Seismic compliance restraints
Storm water / rain collection systems.
Complete Design/Build plumbing projects.


Pre-build process produces highly detailed shop and coordination drawings.
Extensive use of shop fabricated assemblies and fixtures assures on-time and high quality project delivery.
Qualified and extensive workforce suitable for very large projects.
Experienced in Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Multi Unit Residential, and High Rise types of buildings.




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