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It is Dual Temp's goal to attract the Best individuals the market has to offer. By providing a challenging and rewarding career, Dual Temp will foster an environment that leads to success.

Our Employee Partners receive access to incredible
training, the best benefits available, and steady, high incomes for their families. They work safely, and can look back at the end of the day on having accomplished something that is obviously tangible and useful to society.

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Careers in the Construction Trades

All too often in today's world we see teenagers (and their parents) planning for a college education, just because "that's the way to get ahead". That is all well and good, and many of us here at Dual Temp are very well served by our educational experiences, including college. Yet we believe that too many young folks see college as their only option for a rewarding and successful future.

The field of mechanical service and construction (what we do) provides an incredible alternative to a traditional college degree.

Although the training required is equally long and difficult, we feel that the outcome is likely a very satisfying and rewarding occupation and career path. Because some folks tend to "look down" on "dirty construction" type jobs, there is a scarcity of qualified craft people to fill all our industry's needs. That means that those who choose this path for their future tend to become quite highly skilled and very highly paid, with excellent benefits packages. After all, the laws of economics (supply & demand) insist that scarcity be rewarded in excess proportion.

Choose to become one of our Employee Partners and receive great
training, a top package of benefits, and earn a steady, high income. You too, will discover the satisfaction of looking back at the end of each day on having accomplished something that is productive, tangible and useful to society.

What our employees are saying:

Dual Temp offers you a career, not a job.
Dual Temp is committed to the success of its employees.
Offers many career opportunities for future growth in your specific field.
Dual Temp offers competitive salaries with exceptional benefits.
Dual Temp has 30+ years in the business.
Dual Temp is very family oriented.
Dual Temp provides  a positive work atmosphere.


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